Client: OPKO Health

In 2017, OPKO Health launched a revolutionary diagnostics test that helps determine, through a simple blood test, if a man could have aggressive prostate cancer. This blood test helped thousands of men avoid an unnecessary prostate biopsy.

What’s the big deal about a prostate biopsy?

Well, let’s just say it’s no walk in the park, leaving a patient to procrastinate and avoid the issue altogether only delaying the outcome of a severe health issue.

“The idea of a man, in his head, playing a game of pros and cons resonated with us, we knew that this wasn’t an open conversation most men were willing to have with anyone.” said Benamor’s Creative Director, Benjamin Linero

Thus, “Reflections” was produced. A man, having a conversation with himself and becoming aware of this possible alternative, 4Kscore.


Airing nationwide in the northeast U.S. in December 2017, and in the southeast U.S. in February 2018, the Reflections Campaign filmed and produced by BENAMOR was focused on introducing a new, non-invasive prostate cancer screening test – the 4K Score – that is revolutionizing the process for detecting elevated PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) levels in men.


“BENAMOR did an effective job of communicating the worry men feel about prostate cancer, the potential of undergoing a prostate biopsy and how the OPKO Health 4Kscore Test can help bring clarity to their decision making,” commented Dr. Phillip Frost, M.D., CEO and Chairman of Opko. “They developed and executed a message that resonated strongly with men and we could not be happier with the results.”

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