Client: CompresSport

CompresSport’s consumers are hardcore athletes: they participate in numerous triathlons and marathons around the nation. To assist in increasing brand awareness, we developed a full-scale communications strategy that focused on community engagement, Social Media, and a strong advertising mix.


Athletes are constantly trying to out beat themselves: they train longer, and harder to lift heavier, run faster, or jump higher. Their goal is to strive for more. One aspect that can get in the way is pain. After putting your body through physical stress during exercise, you can experience muscle soreness. If you’re a hardcore athlete and you’re pushing yourself, you’re definitely going to feel some pain. CompresSport’s compression apparel is 100% made in Europe. It’s expensive because it is of higher quality. And most importantly it helps to reduce muscle soreness to give you less pain, for more gain.


• Social Media Management  • Online Advertising  • Product Launch
• Retargeting • PPC • Contest & Promotions • Content Development • Video Production • Digital Strategy • Programmatic