The Strategic Language Institute (SLI) offers a unique opportunity to
develop professional language skills that are in great demand throughout
the US employment market.


SLI is looking for an agency to assist with the development of a marketing
strategy in order to increase brand awareness and enrollment.

Benamor built a marketing strategy to position the
Strategic Language Institute as higher standard of progressive language

Since SLI was relatively unknown in the market, our primate objective was to
create brand awareness that will display their capabilities and as well as
express their dedication to language education.


Provide a complete and purposeful message that will encompass
1) SLI’s Language Education Offerings
2) Benefits of Language Learning for Career Advancement
3) Learning English as a New Resident

The intended message must be believable and effective while being
channeled through multiple media outlets.


Creation of multiple campaigns that were activated throughout twelve months.

Implementation of the unified message across multiple media channels
to ensure the greatest possible reach. Full creative development of
campaigns to be activated in using Email, Digital, and Social Media