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Vicky Bakery, Miami’s beloved original family-owned Cuban bakery, and the real Havana Club, forced from home and aged in exile, but forever Cuban, have come together to create something magical and unique for South Florida this holiday season – the Vicky Bakery Havana Club Rum Cake. For 50 years, Vicky Bakery has produced its annual rum cake to the delight of families across the region. This year, Vicky Bakery has partnered with Havana Club to produce a special and limited-edition rum cake to ring in holidays like never before.

Rum cake is a classic South Florida tradition that generations have come to love over the holidays. We’re taking the original rum cake recipe our founders, Antonio and Gelasia Cao, used in La Vencadora bakery where they first met in Cárdenas, Cuba in the late 1950s and infusing it with the same Arechabala family Havana Club recipe from the 1930s before both families fled communism’s grip on the island. Wait until you try it – there will be smiles all around the Thanksgiving, Noche Buena, and holiday tables.

– Alex Santiago, CEO of Vicky Bakery


For generations, Hispanic South Floridians have grown up with rum cake at the dinner table during the holidays, all the way back to Cuba and across the Caribbean. With this partnership, we get to create something new, totally irresistible, delicious, and fun while maintaining our generational and traditional connections at heart.

For 50 years, Vicky Bakery’s Cuban roots and steadfast commitment to tradition have allowed the brand to stand out against the competition, passing along the love, time, and craftsmanship that went into making pastries originally in 1972. Today, that set of core values, along with its belief in quality, variety, convenience, and experience, still determines its direction and has kept the brand on solid footing.

“While there is something certainly timeless and classic about our menu, Vicky Bakery also loves being creative and bringing new experiences to our guests – and this one-of-a-kind South Florida rum cake is  something only Vicky Bakery and Havana Club could do,” said Vicky Bakery Board Member Elizabeth Santiago.

“The opportunity to partner and feature Havana Club’s iconic rum in a new way should not only excite fans of this iconic spirit, but also our Vicky Bakery customers as well. It’s a rum cake dream come true. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity for Vicky Bakery to continue to build on the momentum we’ve had as a brand this year as we look to expand these types of cross-promotions around South Florida.”