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Russia invades Ukraine, and now more than ever, the need to support and empower democracy is at the tip of every tongue. With that, the support for Russian brands becomes an action-driven initiative that moves U.S.-based businesses and governments to pull Russian vodka off the shelves. Bars rush to pour the product out in the streets while off-site liquor retailers box it up and ship it back to the distributors.

But what about the cultural favorites we have come to enjoy over the years? How do we cut ties with our go-to drink during Happy Hour? Unfortunately, what was created solely to clean out the basement quickly became more popular than some century-old bar favs.

I’ve played golf all over the world and can tell you that there’s no better place in the world than America.  As American’s we need to stand by and support democracy throughout the world.

– Fuzzy Zoeller, Brand Owner


Rebrand the Moscow Mule, emphasizing sanctioning Russian vodka and replacing it with American sourced, American distilled, and American bottled vodka.

The Moscow Mule has been suspended indefinitely. So, we introduce the American Stallion. Same ingredients, Fuzzy Vodka, American Made. Support Democracy! Do your part and ask for an American Stallion!

Fuzzy’s Vodka proudly uses American farmed potatoes from the mid-west and is distilled and bottled in Indiana, home of famed golfer Fuzzy Zoeller.

We stand proud in supporting our democratic allies. Therefore, a portion of our proceeds will go to helping support democracy.