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While many of basketball’s brightest young stars will help the NBA make millions with their speculator athletic performances during the playoffs, the league is betting that someone even younger might be just as lucrative when it comes to off-the-court potential.
The league entered a licensing partnership with the 15-year-old entrepreneur Moziah “Mo” Bridges and his Memphis based company, Mo’s Bows, a few short months later, Benamor was brought on to lead the direction in the brand management, creative, and advertising.
Mo is brilliant and so driven, he radiates this light, its incredible! And then you remember he’s only 15…it makes it so easy to want to want to innovate with someone like that.”  – Fernando Galvez, Partner at Benamor
Focusing on the personality behind the brand, we managed partnership that propelled the brand’s awareness. Presenting him as an influencer, his countless speaking engagements and media coverage landed him in Time magazine as one of 30 most influential teens, secured an influencer marketing campaign with Skype, created a demand on Amazon for exclusivity of the category, and gave him beta access to LinkedIn’s new business influencer platform.
But that’s only the beginning, in 6 months, online sales grew over 6,000%. Social networks exploded, increasing the fan and follower base at a steady rate of 38% every month. And overall site traffic continues to pour in surpassing the previous month by 50%.
There is little question that the NBA partnership has the potential to make Mo’s Bows a household name. 
This is the sort of partnership that is an absolute game changer. -said Daymond John.
We think he might be right!

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