American Independent Advertising Agency founded in 2009 based in Miami, FL.


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Todd Michael Glaser, a renowned developer known for his rapid construction and sale of million-dollar homes in Miami Beach and Palm Beach. BNMR GLVZ, an advertising agency based in Miami, played a pivotal role in shaping and promoting Glaser’s distinctive brand identity in the competitive market. Their collaboration extended over a decade, during which BNMR GLVZ provided a comprehensive suite of services tailored to highlight Glaser’s innovative work and distinct approach to luxury home development. These services encompassed creative direction, graphic design, the creation of a coffee table book, presentations, online presences, social media managements and production management, all aimed at distinguishing Glaser’s brand from others in the industry​​​​.

BNMR GLVZ, established in 2009, has established itself as a full-service advertising agency passionate about delivering impactful marketing results. BNMR GLVZ aims to enhance online presence, engage target audiences effectively, and ultimately drive business growth for their clients​​.


Todd Michael Glaser