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Case Study

Vicky Bakery : A Recipe for Success


Vicky Bakery, a beloved name in the QSR landscape of Florida, embarked on a transformative journey with BNMR GLVZ, an ad agency renowned for its innovative and comprehensive marketing solutions. This case study delves into the multifaceted strategy that propelled Vicky Bakery from a local favorite to a thriving franchise with a national presence, highlighting key initiatives such as brand standardization, community engagement, and strategic partnerships.

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We Built Vicky Bakery a foundational platform for them to then build and develop a franchise structure/ package that has now led them to 38 stores and counting.

The journey began with the standardization of Vicky Bakery’s brand identity and the creation of a unified recipe for their signature croquetas. A pivotal moment was the “Croqueta Snobs” event, where food influencers and bloggers participated in a blind taste test, evaluating croquetas on various attributes. This feedback was instrumental in developing the “perfect” croqueta recipe, setting a new standard for quality and taste.

Partnership with Coca Cola

Efforts to humanize the brand included a Christmas dinner event sponsored by Coca Cola, focusing on family values and community. An aggressive engagement campaign was launched, leveraging organic social media interactions to foster a deep connection with the audience. This approach led to notable collaborations with entities like the Miami Dolphins and NBC.

Nationwide Shipping via GoldBelly

The partnership with GoldBelly marked a significant step towards national expansion, allowing customers across the US to enjoy Vicky Bakery’s pastelitos at home. This move not only broadened their customer base but also maintained brand visibility during challenging times.